The New Guys are Here

Our successors, the junior Placement secretaries, are finally here, and we wish them all the best with their job.

Current placement numbers for the 2010-11 batch are in excess of 700. We hope to have a substantially larger number by the end of the season. And hope the juniors do even better. Cheers guys!

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Resume Evaluation service

Check out this free resume evaluation service. It grades your resume telling you how good it is and what parts need improvement. Leave a comment in case you find it useful.

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Lots of companies coming soon!

Companies are going to be pouring in as soon as the semester exams are over, so buck up and start preparing guys! And all the best!

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Aptitude training

Career Launcher’s Campus Express C.R.T. Aptitude skills training

for S.J.C.E. – 7th Semester students

Programme objectives

The aim of this initiative/ programme is to enhance the “hireability index” for students looking for a job placement, on-campus or off-campus. The target is to train your students and to prepare them with cutting edge skills for Campus Placements while making them “Industry Ready”

Key Features of the Training Programme

  1. Aptitude testing and improving Aptitude in English, Logical reasoning, Analytical thinking etc
  2. Overall improvement in the performance in the first step of the Campus Selection Process.
  3. Building the confidence level of the students

Session details available at placement Cell

Interested students can register on 23rd Oct 2010 at placement cell between 10.30 to 1.30 PM.

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Another milestone

Last week with Philips completing their recruitment drive in SJCE, we have crossed the 100 mark on placements. And almost  all these companies come under the category of Core. On the whole the year seems to be really good.

Celebrations on 100+ getting placed

Celebrations on 100+ getting placed

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2 companies done, and record selections!

The first two companies have had their pick, and the results are really heartening. The numbers selected was higher than ever for the two companies.

Feedback from the Delloid selections say aptitude levels have gone up. So prepare harder. Companies are also placing a lot more importance on technical knowledge this time around. So those preparing for core companies get your basics right.

Look forward to a good year and all the best!

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Recruitment Starts Shortly!

As per the information given by the Placement & Training Department, SJCE, recruitment for the core companies gets a kick start in the next week (after 13th of sept).

For more information, contact ur respective placement secretaries and keep track of this page.

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Placement training

Placement training will be held on 9th sept, thursday.

Session held for: Resume building



2:30 to 4:30 – non-circuit branches

4:30 onwards – circuit branches

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Two of the three sessions that we had planned have been completed for one of the batches. We would like to hear from you, your opinions and feed back. Leave them here.

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Calender of placement events

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